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Want to be a Driving Instructor?

• Do you want to choose your own working hours
• Control your own income
• Have a recognised qualification
• Train while you are working
• Become your own boss

To become an ADI is no easy task, to meet the high examination and qualification standards but you can if :

• You have the determination to succeed.
• You have the resolve to achieve the highest of personal standards.
• You can pass your skills on to others
• You have held a full driving licence for 4 years.

"This training course will change the way you think, live, work and act "

Harvey’s SOM subscribes to the DVSA´s Code of Practice, which means we volunteer to abide by a strict set of rules covering the quality of our tutors, methods and materials. Our courses allow you to concentrate on each of the three compulsory tests, while at the same time working towards the next stage in a way you can manage. Some trainees complete the course very quickly - others choose to learn at a more measured pace - we can help you plan your training to take into account your outside commitments, like existing employments.
All the way through, you will be taught and supported by our team of consultants who are totally committed to your success.

"We know that everyone´s potential goes far beyond anything they ever realised"

We offer flexible courses for students of all abilities; you can go for the fast track or take your time and train full time or part time. We can even help you with planning your own business.

Harvey’s SOM offers :

• Training while you work full time or part time
• Qualify at your own pace
• Control your own income
• Choose your own working hours

Have you been let down by other trainers? Struggling to get through Parts 2 or 3?

We can help!

If you would like more information on how could help you, including pricing please call on

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