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The Test Requirements

Although there is no restriction on how many times you can take the Part 1 theory exam, You can only make three attempts at passing Parts 2 and 3. So It is very important that you work with your trainer to establish exactly when you are ready to take each of these tests. Your trainer won´t let you take a test unless you have a really good chance at passing, which means that you have the very best chance of success. We´ll do all we can to help make sure you pass!

Part 1 Details

The course

We will recommend to you the necessary Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency recommended reference books and there´s mock tests to make absolutely sure you´re ready. The rest is your responsibility, Although we will give you all the help and advice we can.

The test

Takes place at a Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency examination centre, usually in a major town or city, and consists of a two part test, the first part is 100 multiple choice questions on subjects including:

• Road procedure
• Car control
• Basic mechanical knowledge
• Highway Code
• Instruction techniques
• The subjects are arranged into 4 bands, each with an 80% pass mark
• The overall pass mark for Part 1 is 85%
• You are given one and a half hours to complete this part of the test. This is generous ´ and most people finish early.

After completing this part of the test you will be given a 3 minute break, and then asked to take a Hazard Perception Test which consists of 14 video clips with a total score of 75, you need to score 57 to pass. You will be allowed an extra 14 minutes to do this part of the test.

You must pass both parts of the test at the same time, or you will have to retake the whole test.
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