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How long will it take?

Your training will be planned around your ability, your everyday commitments and the test dates. From the time you pass the first part, you have up to two years to pass Part 3. Many people decide to spread the workload and take their time. It’s up to you.

Part 2

The Driving Test is a driving and eyesight test conducted by a Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency Examiner and can be conducted at a Test Centre local to your home and is approximately one hour long. You are expected to drive in a businesslike, disciplined manner along a varied route and show your ability to manoeuvre and control the car safely.

Career prospects

During you training, we can discuss the pros and cons of self-employment versus working with an established school, trying to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the decision that best suits you. Once you have completed this part of the course, if you have achieved the required 40hrs training needed , if work is available, you could apply for a trainee licence, You then have up to six months to practice driving instruction during which you can take your part 3 test. Many organisations do prefer their instructors to have passed part 3 before they begin work, but we can give you help and advice about getting yourself accepted at this stage if that is how you want to proceed.

Part 3 Test

You will now have a good knowledge of the subjects any new driver needs to be taught. In preparation for the final test. This is where you must be able to teach others, the secret here is to remember to teach the way you drive and again we give you as much support and help with the training as we can to maximise your chances of success.

The test is approximately 1 hour long, this test is designed to mirror a real life driving lesson where you take a pupil and the examiner accompanies you during the lesson.
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