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Course and lesson prices

Please find below details of available lessons & courses. To cover admin fees, there is a 5% fee when paying with a credit or debit card.
pay using the payM service You can now pay using the payM service by paying direct to 07774 139 080. No additional fees apply for payments made using this service. See more info here.

Pay as you Go

1 Automatic Lesson

45 Minute Lessons
Block Bookings

10 Lessons - Automatic

Further Instruction

Pass Plus - Automatic

6 Modules - Learn to drive in conditions and situations not always encountered during the normal lessons, this course takes at least 6 hours. The cost is for 6 hours training.
Car Hire for Test Day

Auto Tuition car hire for your test

this includes the hire of the tuition car and instructor
for the driving test with a single lesson
before totalling 1hr 45mins.
Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Get Driving with professional driving lessons with fully qualified instructors
Learner driver quote
New driver quote
Cars for young drivers
Harvey&s School of Motoring
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